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Dr. Davi with his familyI am a physician trained in Family and Community Medicine at The University of California San Francisco.

I also completed a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine with Dr Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona.

I have studied Yoga, Reiki, Botanical medicine, and healthy lifestyles for more than 15 years. I have also I have worked in community clinics for over 10 years and have served as medical director in 3 different clinics. I founded The Healing Project (www.healingprojectsf.net) as a way to integrate healing modalities alongside conventional medicine within the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

I have learned that healing rarely comes from a pharmaceutical pill. Although pills can treat symptoms, they can also perpetuate imbalance by allowing us to continue to live unhealthy lifestyles and removing the signs that can guide us back to health. The symptom is the window into healing. It is the body’s way of letting us now that there is an imbalance that needs our attention. By treating only the symptom we are closing our window toward true healing. True healing comes when we treat the root of the imbalance. I have worked with many people who have been dependent on pharmaceuticals and have been able to reduce the number of synthetic drugs they put in their bodies. I have no judgment against pharmaceuticals, everything has its place at the table of healing. There are times when pills are helpful and necessary, however due to harsh side effects and environmental concerns, I prefer to work with plants and supplements when possible; always using medicines in a way that leads us to the root cause of illness and suffering.

Each person that I see will receive an individualized plan guiding towards health. This wellness plan may include life situation changes, diet, supplements, exercise, stretches, spirituality, breathing, plant medicines, Reiki, Nature therapy and occasionally pharmaceuticals. I have also built an extensive referral network over the years on this path and am able to connect clients to healers in the community that are effective and that I trust.

Healing comes from within, we all carry this power.

My work is to help people access this innate healing power. Over time, we remove the obstacles to health and nurture internal healing wisdom. Each person will come to know their own healing potential in a different way. Through relationship and presence I work to guide people to be their own doctor.

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