Dr. David Pakter MD focuses on removing the obstacles to health and activating the body's innate ability to heal. At the core of his philosophy is the concept of Integrative Medicine, which unifies Traditional Allopathic Medicine, the medicine practiced by most MD's and in Hospitals, with Complementary and Alternative therapies. Dr. Davi works with a team of healing experts and seeks to combine different healing modalities to develop an individualized plan for each client.   His approach is fourfold and involves:

  1. Western Holistic Medicine/Preventive Medicine
  2. Energy Work/Spiritual Connection
  3. Body Mechanics/Exercise
  4. Diet/Food as Medicine

Dr. Davi practices from an Evidence-Based standpoint, in that wherever possible he recommends only therapies which have been proven effective by scientific studies. However, he will not exclude modalities which have not been sufficiently studied as long as the chance of doing harm is negligible.

• Holistic Integrative Medicine • Berkeley CA

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Dr. Davi·Integrative Medicine

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